Danni & Travis, two dogs with a blog

The other day as we were hiking along the beautiful Mississippi river we commented on how nice it is to have access to so many trails just out our back door.  As we pondered we thought out loud, why not put together a blog that features our dogs and the adventures, the trails, and fun things we do with our dogs?  Danni, my white Boxer and his buddy, Travis, a Border Collie mix are our faithful companions and the reason we get out and explore the wonderful world around us.  Dawn and I have been buddies for 25 years and this is the type of thing we enjoy doing the most.  What better way to spend your day than with a great friend and a couple of lovable pups? We can’t think of of a better way.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

cropped-1006171210g.jpgWelcome to our blog, Happy Trails N Tails.  This is where we will be sharing our adventures with Danni and Travis.  We have found that as long as we are outdoors and the dogs are happy we are also happy and that’s a great life.  Life is short, get out and enjoy it!